Next Steps

You've got the basics down! Now it's time to start building out your app

By now you should have been able to see how a BetterForms site can interact with your FileMaker solution. Where you go from here depends on the type of app you're building. Browse the Common Customizations section for additional tips as you're getting started, in addition to the resources listed here on this page:

Using the Examples

The BetterForms interface comes with a host of example pages that can be helpful to understand how certain elements work, or can be used as a great starting template for your own pages.

You can navigate to the examples in the sidebar of the BetterForms IDE. The pages listed here will function just like your own pages except that you cannot edit them. If you want to use an example in your own app, simply duplicate it from the editor page and it will appear among your forms.

Using Snippets

The most common JSON objects that you will need are stored in the snippets section to the left of the Schema Editor. Click the button on the snippet to copy it to your clipboard and paste it in

Using the Community

BetterForms has a great Slack group where you can ask questions, find answers, and connect with other developers using BetterForms. If you're not already a member, request an invite after logging the dashboard of the BetterForms IDE.

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