Managing User Accounts

Since your BetterForms web users are stored in your helper file, you will need to add the helper file as an external data source for your legacy FileMaker file. This will allow you to run the API scripts provided in the Helper file that help manage users.

Download the BetterForms Demo file for an example FileMaker script that shows you how to call the User API script

The User object

All of the requests below will refer to the user object, which is simply the expected JSON object expected by this API script to represent a user.

  "id": "",
  "email": "", //user's email address
  "avatar": "", //URL to an image to be used as an avatar
  "isEnabled": true,
  "isVerified": true


Create a new User

To create a new user, simply pass a JSON object without an id key. isEnabled and isVerified will default false if not set.

The script will return the full object of the user, which will include its new id.

Read a User

To read a user's details, pass in ONLY the id key. No data will be updated, but the full user's object will be returned.

Update a User

To update a user, pass in any key(s) that you want to update AND the id of the user.

Delete a User

To delete a user from the Helper file, pass the user's id AND an additional isDelete flag set to true.

Error Handling

Use the Error.isError custom function to check the script result and ensure that is ran properly.

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