dropzone Allows you to easily add a drag and drop file upload component to any form. Files are posted to any upload service such as file.io and uploadcare. The data model is passed back all relevant meta information.


The default configuration uses file.io as ephemeral storage. Using additional options you can adjust the length of time a file lives for (default is 2 weeks). Typically upon form submission, your FileMaker hook script would insert the data from the storage location into a container etc in your database.


Files can be uploaded to an AWS S3 bucket. You will need to first provision the bucket. See the following page for complete setup instructions


Minimal Usage Example

  "label": "Upload File(s)",
  "model": "files",
  "styleClasses": "col-md-8",
  "type": "dropzone",
  "options": {
    // all additional items and overrides go here

Additional Options

You can totally customize the dropzone component and control things like file size limits and number of files uploaded.


vue-dropzone options http://www.dropzonejs.com/#configuration

Example Data model

    "file": {
      "upload": {
        "progress": 100,
        "total": 67666,
        "bytesSent": 67666,
        "filename": "1404329470648.jpeg"
      "status": "success",
      "previewElement": {},
      "previewTemplate": {},
      "_removeLink": {},
      "accepted": true,
      "processing": true,
      "xhr": {},
      "width": 450,
      "height": 385
    "response": {
      "success": true,
      "key": "RSadAH",
      "link": "https://file.io/RSadAH",
      "expiry": "14 days"


vue-dropzone options


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