Features Summary

FMBetterForms is a high performance single page web application (SPA) that allows FileMaker developers easy access to highly scalable data capturing and rendering.


  • Fully responsive UI

    • allowing desktop, tablet and phone compatible UX

  • Mutli-Mode Authentication System

    • Authenticate via URL hash

    • Authenticate via username (email) and password

    • Enable web sign up, account creation

    • Developer Hooks for password reset and forgot password and email verification

  • Forms Processing and workflow engine

    • Multiple page types including plain and multi-step wizard and Master-Detail base layouts.

    • Wizard form type supports multiple pages

    • In browser client JS validation for common needs

    • Optional server-side validation on page / tab change of form via dev hooks (in FileMaker)

  • Actions Processing Engine

    • allows script-like workflow execution

    • actions an automate nearly all aspects of the web application

    • Actions can be initiated from both the client browser and the FileMaker Server application.

  • Reactive JavaScript Calculation Engine

    • Perform on the fly reactive calculations for nearly any element or parameter anywhere

    • Write full JS functions that can be called from any action

  • Various Summary modals and alert actions allow interaction and communication with the user

  • Place layouts within modal card windows

  • Multiple payment gateways for monetizing your app

  • Hooks scripts run local to the existing developers app keeping all business logic together.

  • No Installation and Deployment

    • Cloud hosted SAAS application

    • Single FileMaker Helper file installed on the target FMS box.

    • Update and roll back your apps base code seamlessly

  • Multistage Development Environments

    • Developer in add development environment.

    • Deploy to testing and staging environments

    • Each environment can have its own or shared FileMaker, servers, and files

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