showModal / hideModal

Displays a full screen modal dialogue with customizable buttons

This element is based off of





Text to show within the modal, also accepts HTML code here


object - additional options to the parent options

Example action object

// action  object for 'showModal'
  "action": "showModal",
  "options": {
    "body": "This is a modal!",
    "icon": "warning",
    "options": {},
    "overlayTheme": "light",
    "text": "Welcome User",
    "slots" : []

To hide the modal, use the hideModal action.

  "action": "hideModal"

NOTE: Modals are different than Card Modals, and require separate actions. You cannot use a hideModal action to close a Card Modal.

pageCard / Window Modals

FileMaker Custom Function

You can call the "hideModal" action using FileMaker during a hook script using this function:

Set Variable $$BF_Actions = BF_SetAction( "hideModal" ; "" )

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