Authentication Actions

The authentication set of actions are used on pages that have custom login and registration screens.

pageCustom Login Pages
  • authLogin - Performs an authentication login

  • authLogout - Performs logout

  • authReset - Performs a password reset action

  • authForgot - Performs a forgotten password reset hook

  • _authVerify _ - Performs a verification of the verify token

  • authResend - Re/sends the email verification token

  • authRegister - Performs a registration and if successful, runs the onRegistrationHook

Each of these actions should be attached to a button that the user will click to perform the respective task. They do not take any options, but some do require that an email and/or password key is present in your data model.

Action Name

Requires email key

Requires password key

Requires token*








If these values are required, you should add validation to those fields and run a validate action before the authentication action.

The authRegister action does not require 2 password fields. If you want the user to enter their password twice before creating an account, you should create a custom validator that checks if the password key also matches some other password2 key.

The authReset action doesn't require an email field, but it does require a valid token slug be present. The token is automatically generated and appended to the URL when you run the authForgot action, so you don't need to do anything with it on the page.

Similarly, the authVerify action only checks for the verification token in URL. It's recommended that this action be used within the onFormLoad named action as the user will be clicking the link in their email to get to this page.

Error Handling

Authentication error messages will get added automatically to your data model under the authMessage key. You can display this info with any decoration you would like with an html element and some Vue syntax as follows:

  "type": "html",
  "html": "<h2 class=\"warning\">{{model.authMessage}}</h2>",
  "styleClasses": "col-md-12"

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