Misc Page Settings

Form Types

Pages can have various types that define the initial behavior and appearance of the page. The form type is set with the formtype key in the Misc tab of the page editor.

The 4 form types currently supported are:

  • formblank - default style for new pages

  • formwidget - removes the white background color of a page. Looks great with panel elements to create the look of a widget in the middle of your page

  • formwizard - enables various hooks to support pages using the wizard form schema

  • formplain - legacy version of formblank


Entire pages or certain elements can be made into more standard forms where a "submit" action is executed when the user presses the Enter key. This customization is most common for Custom Login Pages.

To enable this functionality, add "isForm": true to one of the following elements:

  • panel element

  • accordion element

  • misc tab of the page editor (for an entire page to become a form)

In order for this feature to function properly, you must have a button defined within the same context as the isForm flag. That button element must also have "submit": true defined within its schema. There can only be 1 button with the submit flag set for each element that is defined as a form.

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